We all talk about leading but what will it to approach leading differently today? A conference held in the UK a few years ago was summarized in this Forbes article. Surprisingly these techniques hold true today. How to Lead Differently, by Sally Percy, outlines three concepts to effectively lead differently given the circumstances of the time. That was in 2018…but all of this is even more pertinent in today’s world. I’ve summarized the article, please find the link below to Ms. Percy’s full article in Forbes.

Being Neuro-Agile refers to the speed in which we process information. Flexibility in learning new skills and being able to unlearn old habits and behaviors are important for success. This type of ability has proven to be key in today’s environment. Whether you are guiding your children while working remotely, caring for a sick loved one, or in a career transition, each of us have exercised our reaction and processing speed when navigating new decisions and situations. All coming at us at a rapid-fire speed, sometimes the decisions made may not have been the timeliest or even the best. However, the fact that we are exercising this personal attribute and recognizing the need to develop it further will increase our overall ability in the future.

Resiliency and Mental Toughness
It is no doubt that our resiliency and mentally toughness have been challenged during the last several years. In other words, can we persevere and get past this? How we directly interpret what is happening helps us to get through challenging times when it’s happening. Interpreting pressure as internal versus external is key which may be difficult with this large of a scale external force. Leading with a resiliency and mental toughness demonstrates to those led that whatever is transpiring at the time will pass.

Lead with an Entrepreneurial Mindset
Taking an entrepreneurial approach
at any level in an organization develops one ability to think beyond their own role. However, maintaining this entrepreneurial mindset while leading diverse talent within organizations only transforms and transcends the norm. Sometimes we may be mired down in policy and procedure when in fact the solution may be a step away. As a leader, when we open the opportunity door for individuals and teams to empowerment, innovation happens. Tapping into the diversity in one’s organization allows for some of the most creative and inventive ideas.

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