Overall Qualities of an Exceptional Nurse Leader


We often think about leadership from a corporate executive perspective. However, there are leaders in our everyday lives, outside of corporate America, that can make a huge impact on the people they serve.

The following was extracted from an article entitled, 7 Leadership Styles In Nursing: How Do They Impact You? The bulleted list below outlines the qualities of an exceptional nurse.

The full article really shows the commonalities and necessity for us to take notice to improve our leadership qualities in any position we assume. And this simple list is a reminder of the need of good leadership in all positions.

(Source: https://www.aspen.edu/altitude/leadership-styles-in-nursing/)

    • Integrity. Integrity is vital for making the right decisions for patients and team members. Your leader should teach empathy and ethical practices. Leaders with integrity often show compassion and don’t put profits over people. They respect you as an individual and as an essential member of the team.
    • Critical thinking. Critical thinking is an integral part of nursing. Leaders need to think on-the-spot and clearly explain their rationale. Critical thinking is key when deciding among the leadership styles in nursing.
    • Communication. Good nurse leaders know how to communicate and actively listen. They encourage open communication and don’t discourage you from expressing concerns or ideas. Communication and collaboration are critical to the healthcare system. Nurse leaders must promote communication between patients, nurses, and staff.
    • Professionalism. Leaders should remain professional at all times, and other team members will hopefully reflect that same positivity.

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