Ep 28 – DR. ROB GRAHAMFounder, technoresiliency.com


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Dr. Rob Graham – Founder, Techno-Resiliency

From Rob’s biography:

“Twenty-five years ago, I was a special education teacher in a grade school asked to be the school’s first IT teacher. Personal computers were just emerging, colleagues feared digital interfaces, and available technologies were not cost-effective. Though when the school’s administrator said, “Make IT happen,” I did, building the first PC-based networked computer lab in the district and a thriving community around it.

Techno-resiliency was born.

I’ve gone on to teach over 10,000 students; create an award-winning, research-based theoretical lens; and complete a Ph.D. in e-Research & Technology Enhanced Learning from Lancaster University in the U.K.

Today, technoresiliency.com empowers business and educational leaders and their teams tothrive in technology-enriched workplaces.”

0:30 – Intro
2:00 – New book; being a coach
3:30 – Founder’s story – seeds for resilience were sown early, evolved into techno-resiliency; helped create one of the first networked computer labs
7:00 – How do you define “techno-resiliency”?
8:30 – Need for techno-resiliency has been magnified
10:00 – “Resilience vulnerability”; the inspired use of technology; his doctoral work
12:40 – The role of vulnerability in high-performance
14:00 – The five traits of techno-resiliency; “Mandate to be Great”, the professional imperative, overcoming the ‘lack ofs’, a psychologically responsive workplace, the desire to inspire; “No What, No How, Know Where”, you don’t need to know it all, but you need to able to find and validate the information, ‘nethical behaviour’; “Barriers, Bridges, and Breakthroughs”, ‘are you willing to BE inspired?’; “Unification of the Organization”, the community of practice built around collaboration, coordinating, compromising, cooperating versus collaboration; “The Kingdom of Freedom”, making do with what you have
33:00 – “Overcome, or go home”
35:20 – Transferability of this science to other fields/pursuits, specifically sport
38:00 – Understanding how athletes learn
40:00 – More can be done at the developmental level for athletes
42:44 – Chasing the experience versus chasing the dream; success is a journey – not a destination; embracing the suck
47:00 – “When you consistently do good things, good things will happen.”
48:20 – For coaches, the magic elixir is the interpersonal – communicate and relate; acting, reacting, and interacting
50:20 – The role of trust; emotional intelligence; communication
53:00 – Rob’s success habits; “Time is a factor of nothing.”
1:03:00 – What’s next for Rob?

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