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The Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs in Theology reports directly to the Associate Dean of the Division of Theology and Director of Graduate Studies. They assist the theology faculty in servicing the needs of undergraduate theology and graduate theology/leadership students. The coordinator further assists the dean and director in specific aspects of undergraduate/graduate theology/leadership program evaluation and development.


  • Provides excellent academic advising for all undergraduate theology majors in order to ensure their best potential to complete the Baccalaureate degree in a timely manner.  This task requires full knowledge of required courses, academic policies and recommended course sequencing for all degree emphasis options within the theology major, as well as the ability to communicate clearly these criteria to undergraduate students in both oral and written form.
  • Assists the dean and Department Chairs in coordinating the undergraduate course schedules, including the scheduling of adjunct faculty.
  • Ensures that the needs of undergraduate theology adjunct faculty are met.
  • Coordinates the performance of systematic faculty evaluations (both resident and adjunct) as directed by the Dean and/or appropriate Department Chair.
  • Serves as the initial contact person for student and parent concerns within the undergraduate theology program.  This would include initial review of various standard appeals and waiver requests.
  • Assist students with SAP appeal process.
  • Assists re-entrant students by utilizing transcript evaluation to provide academic advising in support of successful re-entry into the theology major.
  • Coordinates orientation meetings for new students and informational meetings as needed for continuing students within the undergraduate theology major.  These meetings should be both informative and community-building.
  • Works with the Dean and relevant personnel to maintain quality and accuracy of content/print copy of catalog, creating promotional materials, social media content, and website related to undergraduate programs in theology, as well as graduate programs in theology which are connected to undergraduate programs.
  • Prepares reports based on statistical analysis of current trends in the undergraduate theology program for the purpose of current program evaluation and planning of future programs.
  • Coordinates and conducts feasibility studies as directed by the Dean for new program development.  This task could include cost evaluation/projection, marketing trends and initial marketing plan, potential student interest, program comparison with other institutions and coordination with other relevant schools within the university.
  • Develops focus groups made up of various constituents within the academic community, as well as the ministerial community for the purpose of current program evaluation and planning of future programs.
  • Give administrative and data support to Division Assessment Coordinator during program evaluations



  • Work with Graduate Admissions to coordinate admission process for students entering the Grad Theology programs.
  • Work in conjunction with the Theology Graduate Program Director to review applicant files for admission decisions.
  • Participate in information meetings each semester for prospective students in conjunction with Grad Admissions
  • Assist re-entry students with transcript evaluation and advising support for curricular and catalogue changes.
  • Assist Admissions Office with documentation and compliance with policies for international students.


  • Serve as the initial contact person for students within the Graduate Theology Programs.
  • Coordinate orientation meetings for new students.
  • Facilitate communication and advocate for students with the Registrar’s office, business office and financial aid office.
  • Track students’ progress on their degree plans and advise them on courses in which they need to enroll.
  • Communicate with students to ensure timely registration.
  • Coordinate the registration process, including academic advising, changes to student schedules, maintaining rosters, and communicating with students.
  • Work with the Director of Graduate Theology to address student specific issues and/or problems.
  • Advise and process Withdrawal and Leave-of-Absence applications for students.
  • Assist students with SAP appeal process.
  • Roll over new students from the admissions office to the records office.
  • Monitor students in application for graduation.
  • Perform transcript audit on a semester basis.
  • Coordinate and conduct exit interviews with all graduates.
  • Provide textbook adoptions for Graduate Theology courses.
  • Perform other student-related services as needed.


  • Provide support for the Theology faculty in submitting various paperwork; change of grade forms, exit options forms, sub/waiver and academic exceptions as well as other forms as needed.
  • Responsible for the creation and maintenance of course schedules.
  • Update and edit catalog for Grad Theology section, curriculum handbooks, Grad handbook and policies handbook.
  • Develop course schedules on a semester basis in conjunction with the Director of Graduate Theology and submit to the Registrar.
  • Track registration headcount and units for record keeping purposes.
  • Manage and maintain current list of Graduate Theology students as well as contact information and confidential student files.
  • Purchase supplies for Theology faculty and department in cooperation with DOT administrative assistant or other DOT personnel.
  • Assist the Director with all budget processes, procedures and interactions with business offices.
  • Assist the Director in advocating for the budgetary needs through planning, analysis and management of the budget.
  • Develop, implement, review and recommend goals, objectives, policies and priorities for the smooth functioning of the program.
  • Works to provide quality teaching assistants and research assistants to resident faculty teaching in the undergraduate program.


  • Work with the Director and faculty in reviewing program changes and curriculum development.
  • Develop course schedules based upon needs of the students, faculty, program, and university.


  • Facilitate the hiring process of adjunct faculty members.
  • Assist with resident faculty overload forms.
  • Attend and support VU staff programs and activities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director.
  • Collaborate with Director on numerous program issues on an as needed basis.
  • Assist the Director in providing administrative leadership for the continuous quality improvement of the program in accordance with the institutional vision, mission, educational targets and goals.
  • Assist the Director in developing strategic planning initiatives.
  • Assist the Director with ongoing program development, creation, assessment, modification, and program initiatives.
  • Collaborate with other campus offices as needed.
  • Attend departmental and university related meetings on an ongoing basis.
  • Assist staff and faculty in various projects as needed.
  • Oversee department student workers. 


  • Assist Hispanic Leadership students with the registration process, including academic advising, changes to student schedules, maintaining rosters, and communicating with students.
  • Create academic course schedules for Hispanic Leadership concentration
  • Assist with the hiring process of adjunct faculty
  • Work with admissions for Lily Grant students
  • Attend prospective student gathering events for promotional purposes that are specifically for the Lily Grant Hispanic Leadership concentration 
  • Keep track of Hispanic leadership student data


  • Baccalaureate degree required; Master’s degree preferred. Academic background in Theology preferred.
  • Ministry experience is helpful.
  • Demonstrate computer proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Specifically with MS Word and Excel.
  • Good organizational skills with ability to communicate clearly both orally and in writing. 
  • Experience in program management is required (academic program management experience is helpful).
  • Must be able to gain an understanding of the culture and ethos of the Vanguard Community, its goals, and mission.
  • Ability to work well and communicate with a wide variety of personality types (students, faculty and administrators) and other relevant university departments with the appropriate sensitivity and discernment to the differing aspects of what each sees as their role and responsibility.
  • Demonstrates ability to relate well with young adults is required.
  • Strong commitment to student success is required.
  • Experience in academic advising and/or student services is preferred.
  • Ability to assess data in order to determine and effectively report trends. Some background in public relations/marketing is preferred.
  • Knowledge and acceptance of principles and philosophies of Vanguard University in general and specifically with regard to the Division of Theology.
  • Understanding of higher education workings and organization.
  • Organized and detailed oriented person who can analyze and understand various academic needs of students.
  • Excellent experience in customer relations and service administration required.
  • Excellent critical thinking skills with ability to understand gather and utilize data.
  • Exhibit exceptional organizational skills and the ability to work unsupervised.
  • Be able to work with flexible morning and evening availability.
  • Willingness to represent the Grad Theology program at University and community events.

SALARY: Commensurate with qualifications.


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