Episode 7 – From Empty to Overflow

A Journey in Employability and the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Be Inspired! Inspire Others!

We invite you to join us in our seventh virtual event of the series.

About Jenny 

Jenny DuFresne is a transformational leader, serial entrepreneur, international bestselling author, and leadership speaker. As CEO, DuFresne Solutions Group, a leadership development and training company, Jenny and her team trained more than 3,000 mid-level leaders and managers to increase impact, improve communication, and build great teams. DSG is a solutions-focused company with expertise in developing leaders who consciously develop diverse, inclusive, and equitable cultures and companies.

Her latest entrepreneurial endeavor, Leaders Transform, is designed to support women leaders who seek to deepen leadership impact and live a balanced, healthy, and connected life.

Her entrepreneurial leadership experience gives her unique insight into the demands and needs faced by leaders. Jenny holds degrees from Harvard University and George Mason University.

Working with Universities, Industry, and Students together we invest funding and resources in industry sectors that are key to America’s economic growth. The Kolena Group explores the equitable and meaningful work-based learning activities embedded in a students Orchastrated Career Transformation. This alignment ensures students graduate college and career ready to become entrepreneurs or business operators since they are so critical to the economic development as contributors to innovation and new job growth. The integrated programs of study below connect the dots between what students are learning and how they will use those skills in a future career.

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