Episode 6 – Exercise Your Genius! with Craig Kausen

The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

A Journey in Employability and the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Be Inspired! Inspire Others!

Craig Kausen, CEO of The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity. As the grandson of Chuck Jones, Craig leads the charge for the Chuck Jones group of companies. He has his grandfather to thank for his  life-long advocacy for thinking differently. Please join us in hearing how creativity has been a huge part of both Craig’s and his family’s lives. 

From Craig

“Although I have a degree in computer engineering, I have been in the art business for over 25 years. I currently have the pleasure to lead the Chuck Jones group of companies that include Chuck Jones Art Publishing, the Chuck Jones Galleries (in Orange County, San Diego, and Santa Fe, NM) and the not-for-profit Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

Specialties: I smile a lot…”

Craig’s Biography

Raised in Newport Beach, Craig Kausen had the most typical of southern California childhoods, except for the fact that he was the grandson of Academy Award-winning animation director, Chuck Jones. His entrepreneurial spirit was inspired at an early age with love, creativity, and unique child-rearing philosophies. A graduate of UCLA and later invited to attend their Anderson School of Business’s Strategic Leadership Institute, Kausen worked with Hughes Aircraft and taught computer engineering at the college level. In 1991 he joined his mother at her eponymous business and began developing the Chuck Jones Gallery into a three gallery, multi-state operation. Today, not only is he president of Linda Jones Enterprises, but also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, a non-profit organization founded by his grandfather in 1999. Kausen, the father of four, lives in Orange County with his wife Kimberley, and Roxy their dog (who runs the house.)

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