Episode 8 – Think like an Entrepreneur!

A Journey in Employability and the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Be Inspired! Inspire Others!

Dr. Deborah V. Brazeal, PhD, CEO of Radical Strategies explores how the entrepreneurial mindset is a key to having an advantage in the workplace. Learn ways to energize your thinking process for career and personal growth.

About Dr. Deborah 

Dr. Deborah Brazeal is a Professor of Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation, and is a noted author and speaker on how companies can orchestrate corporate cultures that enhance personal creativity and sustain streams of radical innovations. Deborah has published over 50 scholarly articles that address the connection between corporate culture, and personal fulfillment and organizational productivity. She has published her findings in journals including Journal of Business VenturingEntrepreneurship: Theory and Practice and Journal of Business Research.  Deborah’s article, “Entrepreneurial Potential and Potential Entrepreneurs” alongside her colleague, Dr. Norris Krueger, is the third most cited article in the top entrepreneurship journal, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice. Her passion for creativity and entrepreneurship extends well beyond the classroom to include ventures in shipwreck salvage and organizational revitalization. 

Working with Universities, Industry, and Students together we invest funding and resources in industry sectors that are key to America’s economic growth. The Kolena Group explores the equitable and meaningful work-based learning activities embedded in a students Orchastrated Career Transformation. This alignment ensures students graduate college and career ready to become entrepreneurs or business operators since they are so critical to the economic development as contributors to innovation and new job growth. The integrated programs of study below connect the dots between what students are learning and how they will use those skills in a future career.

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