Ep 06: Do You Need Money for Your Startup? Advice with Tom Maze

Ep 06: Do You Need Money for Your Startup? Advice with Tom Maze

Tom Maze grew up watching his family have money struggles after the trauma of a car accident within his household.  He knew that in order to be free you had to learn how to control money and not let it control you. From the age of 10, he started his first entrepreneurial journey by selling fireworks on Halloween.  Since then he continued the life as a serial entrepreneur and mentor to many others, helping them grow both personally and in their business ventures.

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • On learning to hustle and how to buy and sell.
  • Play video games – you can learn about economics.
  • Buying in bulk and selling individually just makes sense.
  • Buy stock when the company is young so it can grow in value.
  • Affiliate marketing is just like buying and selling.
  • Mentors are invaluable to develop self skills
  • Two books changed my life; and I learned about the power of books
  • Books — leaps and bounds — for personal development.
  • 90% of people that think they need money don’t.
  • You need skills and experience to know how to spend $5M well.
  • Bootstrap your business.
  • Be ready to pitch; and be ready for hundreds of NOs.
  • Have a good team, be resourceful to find connections, so you can scale.
  • Don’t stress about figuring out what to do for the rest of your life
  • Instead figure out what you want to do for 5 years.
  • And focus on figuring out your values, ethics, morals and your impact.
  • Technology is changing so fast, be ready to adapt.
  • You can change anything if you put in the work

About the Guest:

Tom Maze, COO of Squadra Capital.

Tom Maze is a Serial Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant, and Mentor for personal growth, leadership, business development, and marketing. Tom is also building SQUADRA CAPITAL, a performance-based hedge fund with a diversified multi-asset allocated portfolio.
My mission is to help people reach their full potential and build their dreams. My intention is to help people change their lives and encourage them to think beyond what is and visualize what can be or will be. My devotion is to listen to, support, encourage, inspire, and motivate them to excel in all areas of life.


  • Family – Nothing is more important to me than my family
  • Healthy Lifestyle – I love life and living in my values. i want to live the highest quality and longest life i can. therefore allowing me to enjoy accomplishing more of my goals and helping more people during my lifespan.
  • Friends, Business Partners And Relationships – Who cares how much you accomplish if you don’t have anyone to enjoy it with. life is about human connection and relationships. People > Money
  • Progression – Constantly growing and improving relationships, mindset, fitness, health, knowledge, wisdom, skills, finances, leadership, communication.
  • Respect, Trust And Loyalty
  • Integrity And Ethics
  • Adding Value To Everyone I Meet (Go-giver)
  • Freedom, Financial Freedom, Wealth And Adventure
  • Efficiency And Effectiveness
  • Responsibility And Extreme Ownership
  • Impacting The World On A Global Level Through Business And Entrepreneurship
  • Compassion, Love And Acceptance
  • Bold And Conscientious Servant Leadership
  • Curiosity, Creativity And Self Awareness
  • Change for the sake of change is futile and useless, specific and strategic change creates synergy, excitement, and impact
  • Give Back: Financially, Physically, Emotionally, And Spiritually

Personal Links

Tom Maze | Linktree

About the Host:

Philip Topham is The Savvy Founder and Armchair sociologist. Philip has an inquisitive mind and passion for ideas. He’s impatient to see tomorrow’s today. He focuses on helping technical founders unlock their pragmatic dreamer and develop their business skills and social capital with The Savvy Founder framework.   

With more than 25 years across startups and corporate roles, Philip has been everything from janitor to the Founder and Chief Everything Officer. His earliest career was as a network engineer bringing companies into the Internet age. He’s served as the Head of Information Technology (Divisional CIO) as well as startup Chief Technology Officer, building software and solving problems others said couldn’t be solved.

Philip has experienced what happens when a traditional company gets $20M venture capital infusion to become the next big thing. He has also experienced building a business without venture backing. He built a business from zero to profitability, selling more than $5M to big pharma and changed the way the pharmaceutical industry operates. He knows what it means to raise money for your startup, only to have it stop as a key founder steps out of the picture.  He currently is an advisor for a global AI (artificial intelligence) clinical care management system startup. 

Among his many accomplishments, Philip, is an armchair sociologist with peer-review publications in social network analysis and machine learning. He holds a BS Biological Sciences from UC Irvine and an MBA from Pepperdine University. When not working, he can be found playing billiards, woodworking, travelling or socializing with friends and family.

Words of Wisdom

  • Ideas are worthless; revenues are priceless; surround yourself with smart people.
  • Life is a journey – mole hills or mountains? it’s your choice.

Connect with Philip at:

E-mail – philip@thesavvyfounder.com

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/philiptopham

Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/thesavvyfounder

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/thesavvyfounder

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thesavvyfounder

Website – https://www.philiptopham.com

Clubhouse – @thesavvyfounder

10 Most Fixable Pitch Deck Mistakes – https://www.thesavvyfounder.com

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