Ep 48: Finding Entrepreneurship in America’s Heartland – Steve Silver Infrawear

Ep 48: Finding Entrepreneurship in America’s Heartland – Steve Silver Infrawear

In this episode, Steve Silver shares his fast-moving entrepreneurial journey. Steve shares how covid, temporarily ended him organizing entrepreneurial investor conferences across the U.S; Only to wind up in New York at the height of Covid, with a new family on the way.  

Steve’s words of wisdom:

“Go with the flow where life takes you and find waves to ride.”  

Yet even with that curveball, as partners in Infrawear, they were able to lean into Covid and make a difference.  Infrawear went from just making medical post-surgical bras to supporting hospitals and healthcare workers with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

But worried about Covid in New York, Steve moves his family to Ohio.  

You might be prejudiced and think with Ohio being far from Silicon Valley and other startup hotspots, there would not be many high-tech high-growth startup opportunities?  You’d be wrong!

From Ohio, Steve shares how he noticed coal mines burning off methane. Now he’s building a business to help with greenhouse gases. He’s working on capturing and repurposing that wasted resource into usable energy.

We also talk about the Angel investing community. Steve talks about how he started and built the Arc Angel fund. 

About the Guest:

Steven Silver: I currently focus on a number of projects that drive the development of energy technology solutions for the oil & gas industry’s stranded gas problem. This with a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by CMM (Coal Mine Methane). Having been fortunate enough to pursue my passion for startups for as long as I can remember, I look back at the past few decades and realize how amazing life’s journey really is. Since graduating from Babson College, I’ve dedicated my life to building impactful companies, marrying my college sweetheart, and raising two of the most amazing children. A few years after college and my first startup was acquired, I was named Southern California’s Top 40 Under 40. In an effort to give back to the entrepreneur community, I have spent the past 10 years organizing VC and angel investor conferences and managing ARC Angel Fund out of New York City.


About the Host:

Philip Topham is The Savvy Founder. Philip has an inquisitive mind and a passion for ideas. He’s impatient to see tomorrow’s future today. He helps technical founders build the business they want. He helps established businesses tap into their start-up founder to conquer a changing world.  With more than 25 years across start-ups and corporate roles, Philip has been everything from janitor to the Founder and Chief Everything Officer.

Words of Wisdom

  • Ideas are worthless; revenues are priceless; surround yourself with smart people.
  • Life is a journey – mole hills or mountains? it’s your choice.

Connect with The Savvy Founder:

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/company/thesavvyfounder

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/thesavvyfounder

Website – https://www.philiptopham.com

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