Finally… A rational approach to marketing!

Finally… A rational approach to marketing!

Networking event after networking event, I meet all sorts of “Marketing” experts. As a group they are outgoing enthusiastic and engaging people.

And the conversation usually moves to how “adwords” or a “social media campaign” will save the day and make you an overnight success.  Go ahead and blindly use adwords and help Google increase its 95B in adword revenue (Source Statista)

But might I suggest an alternative and begin with the end in mind — Start by reading  Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See. 

I am a fan of Seth. He has a way helping us see the changes in our world sooner.  I can feel the changes this 4th age of a super connected world, but they are often like a tickle at the back of my brain that I can’t scratch. I often know something is changing, and can see the trends, but I don’t know what I should do differently.

Seth’s gift is he’s able to fill in the missing pieces so I can start doing something different rather than just contemplating what changes the internet has wrought.

So forget adwords and social content campaigns and begin with the end in mind; and learn how to see the connected world with new eyes.

See Inc magazines article and interview —  Seth Godin: ‘There Are No Marketing Tools That Will Solve Your Problems’ for a good review.

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