Shark Tank Secrets – Finding Money for your Startup from Core Four

Shark Tank Secrets – Finding Money for your Startup from Core Four

If you going to raise money from Shark’s (angel investors) you need to know what your up against. After all, to the inventor, your business is just another minnow in a large school of fish. What makes you the golden fish?  We’ve collected some videos and nuggets of wisdom from Orange County groups to help you answer your own question.

2 minutes
Gary Vee answers the question “How do I raise money”?

Techstars panel
Good inside information from the perspective of an investor (and a periscope video too):

Your customers can be investors?
A good place to find an investor that’s not talked about often enough: “Your early customers and/or your largest customers are good potential investors/partners. A company that has the problem that you are solving is another potential investor.”

Want money from Tech Coast Angeles?
Check out the application process here:

4 minutes
First 4 minutes Guy will tell you it’s not necessarily “the team”:

Asking for money:
Bad ask:
I am seeking $200,000 for a 5% equity stake in my company.

Good ask:
I am taking $200k investment into my company and would like to get to know more about you to see if you would be a good fit for this venture.

Take 60 seconds to see a snippet of an interview with Oren Klaff:

Pitch deck ideas:

  • TCVN – The 30 Second Pitch
    • What pain (in the market) are you trying to solve?
    • What is your solution?
    • How big is the market? and How do you make (me the investor) money?
    • Who are you and what makes you think you can solve the pain?
    • What do you need?

About the Core Four – We are four Orange County entrepreneurs that have come together to help each other be successful.

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