Innovation is elusive. We see only what we can see. The adage “I’ll believe it when I see it” illuminates our deep skepticism for the unknown and unseen. But as Marcel Proust wrote:

[blockquote align=”left” cite=”MARCEL PROUST, “The Captive,” Remembrance of Things Past”]The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust 1923[/blockquote]

Truly innovation is “in having new eyes.”  But have you ever shared a new concept or idea with your boss (or perhaps you’ve been the boss) where all the boss does is find something wrong. You can hear it now. “This won’t work… Why do you think that will work? Good effort. Now give me something that looks like what…” we did last time.

With eagle eyes they spot every flaw and mistake. They shoot down the idea before it even begins. They forget its a new idea; it’s not perfected. In those situations remind the boss to squint (or if you are the boss, just  squint – trust me it looks better)  –squinting makes things blurry, hazy and indistinct . You can kinda make it out.  But if you squint well, you can see the promise.You can see the important features. You can see the big picture.

Exercise your innovative muscle! Squint when you look. You might be seeing the next Facebook, and you missed it because you didn’t squint.

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